2018 Board Election Candidates


The SHLB Coalition is excited to announce the following candidates for the 2018 Board Member Election.


Below you will find each candidates' bio and what they can contribute to the SHLB Board. Voting will take place online from October 17th - October 31st.


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Greg Green, fatbeam

I am a Spokane area-based businessman and entrepreneur who got my start in the technology industry in the mid-1980's. I am the founder of Tel-West and OneEighty Communications. As President of NEXTLINK Washington, now Verizon Communications, I was part of the senior management team that took NEXTLINK public, raising $400 million in 1997. I left in 1998 to start OneEighty Communications, now Avista, which was formed in an effort to bring telecom services to underserved markets with populations of less than 500,000. I continued my work in the telecom industry by purchasing CLEC assets in the Northwest from Avista Communications. Now a part of Integra. In 2010, I partnered with Shawn Swanby, founder and President of Ednetics, to create Fatbeam. Fatbeam is a competitive access provider delivering data transport services to business and enterprise, healthcare, education and government customers in the Western U.S. Fatbeam operates networks in over 35 markets and is expanding into Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. I founded the Greg Green Foundation in the early 1990s in an effort to provide those less fortunate with higher education scholastic support. Over $500,000 has been donated thru the foundation since its inception.

Based on your skills and experiences, what can you contribute to the board?I bring over 25 years in the telecom industry and a vast amount of experience that I believe could benefit many of the initiatives SHLB is advocating for. It is and has been a priority for me to ensure affordable broadband in order to better serve our schools, libraries and healthcare communities. I was asked to represent SHLB in 2017 and met with the FCC and USAC to assist in moving Erate funding forward and have sat on panels and in meetings with the FCC multiple times.

Melissa Slawson, GeoLinks

I currently serve as General Counsel and V.P. of Government Affairs and Education at California Internet L.P. DBA GeoLinks. Over the last 14 months, I have helped GeoLinks work towards achieving its founding mission to close the digital divide. Through its efforts, GeoLinks was recently awarded nearly $88 million dollars under the CAF II auction to serve areas in California and Nevada that are currently without broadband service. I have more than a decade of legal experience in the telecommunications regulatory field, starting in 2008 with my experience at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), where I held positions both at the staff level in the Communications Division and at the executive level serving as telecommunications and legal Advisor for three CPUC Commissioners (most recently Commissioner Catherine Sandoval). Most pertinent to SHLB, my experience included working with the CPUC’s Broadband Deployment Group to secure NTIA funding for the California Broadband Map project with various CPUC stakeholders to create policies aimed at bridging the digital divide that balanced regulation and innovation. From 2012-2014, I held an Associate position at Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP where I specialized in legal policy work for the wireless, broadband, and cable industries before the CPUC and other state and federal regulatory agencies. From the end of 2014 – mid 2017, I served as General Counsel to Blue Jay Wireless, a small wireless Lifeline provider.

Based on your skills and experiences, what can you contribute to the board?
I possess a breadth of knowledge regarding the telecommunications industry, a practical understanding of the administrative processes before state and federal regulatory agencies, and the ability to facilitate communications and mutually beneficial resolution between businesses, consumers and other stake holders under various universal service fund programs. In addition, through the various roles I have held, I have gained a broad network of colleagues in a variety of industries and extensive experience working with people from different industry segments. I believe that the skills and experiences I have acquired throughout the tenure of my career make me uniquely qualified for a position on the SHLB Board of Directors. On a personal note, universal broadband access has always been a personal passion of mine and I have worked to ensure that a significant piece of my career has been focused on ways to help bridge the digital divide. My role with GeoLinks has only helped to drive this passion forward and has given me the tools to expand both my understanding of the problem and a glimpse into what the final solution could be. I wish to continue to pursue this passion via a role with the SHLB Board of Directors. GeoLinks has been an active member of SHLB over the past 18 months and has twice been a sponsor of SHLB’s annual meeting. I have the full support of my CEO, Skyler Ditchfield, in applying for this position.

Colin Underwood, Alaska Communications

Colin is a 20+ year veteran of the IT field with specific service in healthcare. He has worked throughout the US implementing electronic health records and other medical industry IT systems for hospitals and clinics including implementation of Kaiser Permanente’s EPIC System. Colin serves as the Healthcare Program Manager at Alaska Communications, a telecommunications company in Alaska, where he assists organizations plan and implement telehealth systems. Colin has been an invited speaker to several National and State meetings on public policy and telehealth. Before joining Alaska Communications in 2009, Colin was the IT Director at the Kodiak Community Health Center in Kodiak, Alaska.


Based on your skills and experiences, what can you contribute to the board?I have extensive experience with remote telehealth and distance education applications, with a deep passion and area of expertise in telehealth. In addition to my technical experience, I have also successfully helped many organizations we provide services to, locate and capture grant funding to expand their much-needed services in the communities they serve. Over the last year, I have worked with colleagues inside and outside of Alaska Communications to campaign for policy changes and awareness from the FCC and USAC regarding the outdated RHC program. I am also an active professional member of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS), participating in discussions and recommendations on telehealth public policy.

Michael Wallace, Arkansas e-Link Consortium

Currently manage portfolio of USAC Rural Healthcare Connect Fund of $21M supporting some 1200 endpoints across a state & regional telemedicine/telehealth network. Authored five (5) RFPs for connectivity, network equipment, managed services, advanced services for Arkansas e-Link Consortium and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Manage vendor relationships for Consortium members. UAMS team member for NTIA Broadband Technology Opportunities Program Grant (BTOP) - $102,000,000 and FCC Rural Health Care Pilot Grant- $4,300,000 projects. Responsibility for budget financial management, preparation of federal reporting requirements, grant management issues related to technology and regulatory initiatives, development of Request for Proposals for broadband connectivity, network managed services, network equipment. Project management of assigned rural health care facilities and community anchor institutions; telehealth technology deployment and utilization; management of community relationships; management of vendor relationships ensuring technology and connectivity timelines are achieved; marketing of UAMS telehealth services for sustainability of project goals. State telemedicine/telehealth network deploying 530 interactive video units across 420 broadband circuits to 81 hospitals, 45 community health centers, 65 community mental health centers, 21 community colleges, across fiber technology.

Based on your skills and experiences, what can you contribute to the board?
Industry experience is in banking, technology services, electronic medical records systems software, accounting, project management, grant reviewer for National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) Department of Commerce and Health Resources & Services Administration. My background provides a comfort level to speak to a Board of Directors or deliver presentations to health care conferences, design technology solutions, or develop project management tools/policies/procedures, and financial and strategic planning. I bring perspective and imagination, a sense of humor, and desire to be of service.